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KANTATU brand has available a karaoke catalog with around 2000 tracks of portuguese music, brazilian, spanish, french, italian, as other.


When you buy a disc ( CDG or DVD) or buy a license for private use by download in of karaoke tracks, the license for personal use is included. 


If you want to use the karaoke in public spaces in Portugal, these places must have the public exhibition licenses from SPA ( Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores - ) and PASSMUSICA - ). Please check the law in other countries.


However, the use of the content in karaoke or only the musical playbacks in any other utilization except the private use or the use in karaoke in public places, as defined by law, needs our authorization/licensing. As example, but not restricted to, the use in television, radio, CD or DVD recording, voice recording and its disclosure by any way in digital format (iTunes, Spotify, Youtube, as other), use of the playbacks in live shows, use in films, video clips for Internet disclosure, commercials, as many other.


So, if you want to use our content, either in karaoke or as musical playbacks in any other situation then the private use or public spaces, please contact us by email ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  ), with the following informations:


Name of the entity to be licensed

Complete address

Fiscal number

Object of the license ( what you want to license, formats, quantities, etc)

Destination ( what you want to do with the object of the license: ex, CD recording, live shows, etc)

Duration ( how long will be valid the license)


With our answer you will realize the the value to be paid justifies the option. As an example, if you order the production of covers for a CD you want to record, it will be much, but much more expensive. The same with any other destination.


Also, the non licensed use is ilegal, and is a COUNTERFEITING, and it has legal sanctions.







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