KANTATU (1st series)

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KANTATU (1st series)


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About us





         A LITTLE OF HISTORY....



Karaoke began to develop in Portugal in the first half of the 90's, mainly in the areas of Lisbon and Algarve.



We were in the time of the LASER DISC and at the beginning of the appearance of the format that turned out to be a standard in the karaoke area: the CDG format.



During this decade, some Portuguese karaoke discs appeared in Portugal in CDI format, the Philips project for a future multimedia standard that did not happen.
So we all continued in Portugal with almost total absence of karaoke in Portuguese.



In 1999 the company JGC-Gestão e Serviços, Lda, which had already launched its website www.mundokaraoke.com  decided to invest in the production and edition of karaoke in Portuguese under the KANTATU brand whose application for registration with INPI - Instituto de Propiedade Industrial entry on October 25, 1999, being registered with the number 340643. The format chosen was the CDG.



In January 2000, the first 4 albums of the KANTATU brand were released to the market with an impressive success. In 2000, JGC also released four more KANTATU karaoke records.



The first collection with 8 discs was MULTIPLEX type, ie each disc has tracks with only playback and the same songs with tracks with a guide voice on one of the stereo channels that can be removed by karaoke players with the MULTIPLEX function, often called L / R.



In 2001 JGC launches the series KANTATU PRO whose first disc was the KTT101. In this series the discs have 15 tracks with only the playback and without any guide voice.
For about 10 years, 56 KANTATU PRO discs have been released in CDG, in a total of 840 themes in Portuguese!



In 2003, in order to complement the offer, JGC decided to launch the KANTATU LATIN series with karaoke themes in Spanish, French, Italian, and Romanian and some in English.
Up to 2007, there were 12 volumes in CDG with 15 songs each in a total of 180 songs almost exclusively Latin. From then on, the editions of KANTATU LATIN are exclusively in digital format, counting the series with more than 30 volumes of 15 themes each!



Being the CDG format considered a professional format, and only recognized in some karaoke reading devices, in 2004 JGC decided to launch its KANTATU DVD collection in order to penetrate private consumer markets. This format, much more universal than the CDG in terms of reading devices, came to be marketed in large stores, making the brand KANTATU even more known. However this KANTATU DVD collection contains exactly the same themes that had already been edited in CDG format.



In May 2011 the website www.karaoketosing.com  is launched with the entire KANTATU collection available for download in three different formats: MP3 + G, MP4 and AVI / xVid, thus giving anyone the possibility of acquiring the licenses of use of only the songs that have interest.
On this site you can purchase licenses for private use of karaoke tracks with the download of them.



In 2016 KARAOKETOSING.TV Streaming system is launched, which allows the subscription of packs of various songs for periods of time such as 48 hours, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year. There is no download here but the possibility of accessing complete catalogs of KANTATU themes and other international brands.
With the launch of this system we were pioneers in Portugal and Europe in Streaming Karaoke!



Also in 2011, KANTATU launches its KANTATU DIGITAL series, in which karaoke themes are only edited in digital format (MP3 + G, MP4 and AVI / xVid).



In 2012, the KANTATU ORIGINAL series is launched, in which all karaoke content is produced based on the original playback of the artist, and thanks to the partnerships made with many and many artists of our Portuguese music scene, who saw in karaoke an excellent way to promote their songs.



Finally, to answer the most popular themes of Portuguese music, KANTATU launches in 2017 the series KANTATU POPULAR!



The KANTATU brand has achieved, since 2000, an enviable reputation and is considered by many to be the brand with THE BEST QUALITY PLAYBACKS IN THE KARAOKE MARKET.


Throughout all these years, KANTATU HAS BEEN PIONEER IN THE KARAOKE IN PORTUGAL! And we will continue to innovate!



KANTATU and MUNDOKARAOKE are registered trademarks of JGC-Gestão e Serviços, Lda.

KARAOKETOSING is a registered trademark of AP86 Multimédia, Lda (a JGC Group company)


Kantatu Latin


KANTATU LATIN! The best Latin collection with spanish, french, italian, brazilian and other languages!

To buy the discs, just send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Download the tracks here, in the karaoke download website, www.karaoketosing.com !

Click here and see all the tracks edited!

Kantatu PRO


KANTATU PRO! Great hits of Portuguese and Brazilian karaoke!

To buy discs, just send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Download the tracks from this collection at the download karaoke website

Click here to see the tracks from this collection!

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